General Conditions and Onboard Rules

Please note that Atlantis is a private yacht.  Crew members participate as our guests without contractual or commercial obligation.  Funding arrangements are on the basis of equal shares of costs unless agreed otherwise in advance.  

Even small dissatisfactions can stack up: if you think you’ll get a shower every day (you won’t!), or you expect to arrive at a certain time and you don’t you may be disappointed.  We would not want that.  Atlantis' accommodation allows no privacy, and there is no escaping from other members of the crew and their foibles.  Be tolerant, be happy.

Before joining a crew we have therefore always found it helpful to have a common understanding of some basic onboard ground-rules. This short resumé is intended to ensure there are no surprises.

Core Rules

1.  In extremis, the skipper's word is final.  We try to create a relaxed, happy and democratic atmosphere onboard but there may be times when the safety of the yacht and all on board demands that you respond first, debate later. 

2.  No drugs, weapons or other illegal substances - Period. Skippers are responsible for their crew and the carriage of illegal drugs or other items can lead to confiscation of the yacht.  

3.  Crew are expected to demonstrate at the time of embarkation that they have the required passports, personal travel insurance, visas and other documentation that might be required at all ports and countries that might be visited during their stay onboard.  

4.  Crew are expected to fulfil their own share of onboard duties.  This will include standing watches by day and night, cooking, washing up and other basic boat housekeeping responsibilities.

Other random thoughts

Atlantis' safety equipment is maintained and serviced to a high standard.  You will be allocated a life jacket and other personal items of safety equipment.  Please ensure that these items are treated with respect and stowed carefully for immediate use when circumstances demand.  

If worn, shoes should be soft soled boat or deck shoes with a non-slip and light coloured sole. 

No smoking below decks. If you do smoke please consider other crew and make sure all ash and smoke goes overboard

Please try to conserve power by always turning off all unnecessary lights, appliances, instruments, etc

We have no watermaker so access to fresh water on longer passages will be limited.  Food may also be rationed but will always be carefully planned to provide a varied menu and sufficient for the duration of a trip.  Please do not simply help yourself. 

Please keep heads, galley and yourself clean.  We have no shower or washing machines onboard and fresh water is kept for drinking and cooking only. Once the water is warm enough there are buckets for deck showers.  The best way to keep clothing clean is by not wearing it.

Please avoid disturbing those off watch.

Lifejackets must be worn and harnesses attached to jackstays on all night watches and when the skipper instructs. 

Please be on watch at least a few minutes early. 

When first coming on deck for a watch, don't try to carry anything up onto deck with you.  It is the first few minutes after waking (or coming back on deck for a watch) when you are most vulnerable to losing your balance. 

Under no circumstances leave the cockpit at night to go forward unless you are clipped on and, ideally, another crew member is there to keep an eye on you

Only bring the minimum amount of items and always pack them in a soft bag. There is limited room on board, so the general rule is the fewer things you bring the better.

Unless specifically agreed otherwise in advance, we work on the basis of a mutual agreement that all photos taken during a trip will be shared for personal use to all onboard at the time they were taken.

Small amounts of alcohol will be permitted at Happy Hour and on special occasions.

In an emergency, onset of bad weather, or if you are worried by anything at all, always wake the skipper. 





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